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Stock photos of Magnolias, including those formerly classified under Michelia. These ancient plants, which may be evergreen or deciduous and which mainly flower in late winter and spring are among the most admired of all the trees and shrubs and have been extensively hybridised to produce a huge range of garden hybrids and cultivars. The most numerous of the hybrids are the cultivars of Magnolia x soulangiana, a cross originally made in 1820 by Etienne Soulange-Bodin, Director of the Royal Institute of Horticulture, Paris, France. Magnolias occur naturally in temperate to subtropical East Asia and North America and extend into the tropics at higher elevations in Southeast Asia. The genus now includes the plants formerly classifed as Michelia. Magnoliaceae

The species and their cultivars, and the hybrids, can be accessed using the links below. If you are looking for a particular magnolia but don't know which category of magnolia photos to start with, try putting the name, or part of it, in the search box above.


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